The #1 Chest and Breast Support Garments for Heart Surgery and Breast Surgery Patients

Why do you need Support Garments?

When you have surgery in the chest area – whether it be from heart or breast surgery, light pressure helps keep you comfortable when moving or performing your daily activities. Support garments such as our Harness or Bra can also help to reduce pain when sneezing or coughing.

“Compression heals” even in the face of infection

Wearing a compression Harness

Wearing a compression bra

“In obese women or in women with large breasts, we recommend that they [patient] wear a supportive brassiere… immediately after the operation in order to minimize lateral tension on the incision generated by pendulous breasts and to keep the lower part of the incision covered for the initial few days after the operation.”1

1 – Snow, Norman J. M.D., Massad, Malek G. M.D., Geha, Alexander S., M.D., Complications of Thoracic Incisions; Alex G. Little, Editor, 2004, Blackwell Publishing.