Cardiothoracic Harness


AztecHeart™ Cardiothoracic Post-Surgery Harness for Men with Chest Support, Compression and Adjustable Sizing

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The Cardiothoracic Harness™ reduces sternal instability if used immediately after surgery and during rehabilitation. This post-surgical support harness is designed to stabilize the sternum and bony thorax during recovery. Patients feel less pain and discomfort during involuntary movement, especially pain associated with wire stress.

While giving sternal support, the harness also enables lung expansion so that the patient can breathe, cough and sneeze more comfortably. The side design allows for drainage tubes.

  • Comfortable support and relief from chest and ribcage pain after surgery
  • Promotes healing and faster recovery
  • Replaces handle harnesses and pillows
  • Worn under clothing
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Latex Free*

FDA # 3003855399 | EU# CA 006818
* Not made with natural rubber latex.

Aztec Heart, LLC, Medical Equipment & Supplies, Oroville, CA

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34-38in or 86-96cm


38-42in or 96-106cm


42-46in or 106-116cm


46-50in or 116-126cm


50-54in or 126-137cm