The #1 Chest and Breast Support Garments for Heart Surgery and Breast Surgery Patients

Properly Fitting the Patient

Preventing Stress on the Sternal Wires

Proper fitting of the surgery bra or harness helps to prevent the breasts from moving to the side while the patient is being moved, is moving him or herself or when the patient is resting.

Fitting the patient with the correct size helps to:

  • Protect the integrity of the sternal incision and sutures
  • Provide proper compression and support of the breasts
  • Relieve chest pain and reduce common throbbing sensation
  • Prevent dehisesence

Lateral unregulated breast movement can stress the sternal wires beyond their tensile strength of 44# each. This can cause dehisence and profound complications.

Accurate Sizing Protocol

At intake, to ensure the best possible patient outcome, each patient should be examined wearing her own bra so that nursing staff can assess the fit. If the patient’s own bra fits well, nursing staff can then determine which size of the AztecHeart™ bra to choose.

When in doubt, please call AztecHeart™ at 530-533-7069 for prompt consultation.

The support and compression of the AztecHeart™ surgery bra or cardiothoracic harness, properly fitted, enables patients to be in an upright posture more conducive to increased pulmonary function and faster recovery.

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