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Giving Back

IOS EmployeeAztecHeart™ LLC is proud to support the men and women at Industrial Opportunities Inc., a growing non-profit serving adults with disabilities from Cherokee, Clay and Graham counties in North Carolina.

All of our Cardiothoracic Harnesses are made by these amazing people in their Andrews, NC facility.

Industrial Opportunities, Inc. Mission:

  • Industrial Opportunities, Inc. believes that individuals have a right to economic opportunity and personal development. The Board of Directors and staff actively incorporate the concept that through meaningful, satisfying work, people are able to live more independently, successfully and productively.
  • Industrial Opportunities, Inc. believes that every individual has a right to respect, equal opportunity and gainful employment.
  • Our quality statement reflects the general attitude of our staff, employees and clients towards achieving the highest level of customer satisfaction—our future depends on it.

Watch the Industrial Opportunities Video

“We are proud of our association with Industrial Opportunities and happy to help provide jobs and empowerment to deserving people. We are always looking for responsible and reliable sources for the manufacturing of our products.” —Jon Hoffman, CEO of AztecHeart™ LLC

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