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3buy-mens-harnessThe Cardiothoracic Harness™

Our Cardiothoracic Harness™ was developed by a patient after his heart surgery and recovery. He discovered the need for a more user-friendly garment that would provide constant wound support, relieve pain and discomfort, and be comfortable enough to wear under clothing for long periods of time.

The Cardiothoracic Harness™ reduces sternal instability at the incision site if used immediately after surgery and during rehabilitation. This post-surgical support harness is designed to stabilize the sternum and bony thorax during recovery. Patients feel less pain and discomfort during involuntary movement, especially pain associated with wire stress.

Less Pain Can Speed Recovery

By wearing the Cardiothoracic Harness immediately after surgery, the patient starts getting support before the pain begins. The harness enables upper torso movement, particularly that of the arms and hands by reducing the transfer of energy to the chest wall musculature when performing upper body tasks, such as walking, opening doors, getting out of bed, etc. With less pain, the patient can feel more comfortable and relaxed.

Additionally, the Cardiothoracic Harness supports the sternum while allowing lung expansion so that the patient can breathe deeply, cough, sneeze and laugh more comfortably. Having the Cardiothoracic Harness™ supporting the patient’s every move can help the patient to heal faster.


Our Cardiothoracic Harness™ fits most sizes. The harness is separable into two pieces for easy application on the most difficult to fit patients. The side Velcro® closures afford ease to arthritic patients while avoiding the surgical site as well as allow for drainage tubes. Adjustable to fit almost all patients, including obese patients. The smallest Cardiothoracic Harness can also fit very slim women with small breasts as well as adolescent patients who have suffered shoulder girdle injuries such as broken collar bones.

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FDA Registered – Class I Medical Device; CE Registration# CA 006818