The #1 Chest and Breast Support Garments for Heart Surgery and Breast Surgery Patients

Better Patient Outcomes

Comfort and Support to Promote Deep Breathing and Rehabilitation

“When a patient is in pain he or she is not breathing properly and is not in active rehabilitation.”

With the ultra supportive AztecHeart™ Cardiothoracic Harness and Cardiothoracic Surgery Bra, the patient is more comfortable and in a better position to actively work towards restoring his or her normal lifestyle. Whether it is opening a door, riding in a car or getting a good night’s sleep, your patient will be more comfortable and recover faster with our support garments.

Patients can wear AztecHeart’s post-surgical Cardiothoracic harness or bra right after surgery. Both the harness and the bra are made to be worn under clothes to help patients feel like they are getting back to their normal routine.

Reducing Sternal Dehiscence and Liability for Doctors and Hospitals

The AztecHeart™ Cardiothoracic Bra and the Cardiothoracic Harness offer both compression and support to protect the integrity of the sternal incision and sutures to help prevent sternal dehiscence, a major challenge in the cardiothoracic surgery healing process.

Both the women’s surgical support bra and the men’s cardiothoracic harness can help reduce this potential risk during recovery.

We encourage doctors and nurses to give us a call with any questions about our support garments and how they can help patients recover faster and with greater comfort.

Read what doctors are saying:

Doctor-WEB“I performed field trials using Aztec’s CTH support wear at the medical center and it was very successful to both staff and patients. We received numerous compliments from patients as far as the feel of the device as well as from a surgical standpoint that it added to the stability of the chest. I feel that CTH is a very useful device and I now prescribe it for all my high risk patients with dementia, high body mass index, and diabetes.”
—Scott C. Silvestry, M.D., Cardiac, Thoracic & Vascular Surgery Associates, Peninsula Medical Center

“As a cardiac surgeon, we are always interested in new procedures and product technology to assist in patient care. I am thoroughly convinced that the Cardiothoracic Support of the Aztec Company is worthy of recommendation. It is a low-cost technological breakthrough in patient care. We noted immediate and measurable improvement in patient pulmonary function. The tightening procedure is easily taught and most efficacious. The twenty-four hour application promotes sternal reattachment. All of this results in earlier patient mobilization and rehabilitation.”
—Dr. Guglielmo Stefanelli, Consultant Cardiovascular Surgeon, Hesperia Hospital, Modena, Italy

“I have prescribed the Aztec harness for several patients. Two are particularly memorable: a retired R.N. who, 3 weeks post CABG, had excessive sternal movement. The results with the CTH harness were immediate and quite positive. The other was a diabetic with active coccidiomycosis (valley fever) accompanied by the excessive coughing. He was immediately improved by the Aztec harness. This reduced my concern for dehiscence secondary to chronic coughing. The CTH is particularly useful for patients who desire to return to an active lifestyle.”
—Dr. Michael Swanson, D.O., Cardiac Surgeon