The #1 Chest and Breast Support Garments for Heart Surgery and Breast Surgery Patients

Compare Post-Surgical Products

It is so important to have the proper post-surgical support garments to help promote healing and faster recovery after surgery. Below is a chart comparing the AztecHeart™ Cardiothoracic Bra and the Cardiothoracic Harness to other products on the market. AztecHeart products offer more features and better performance for patients after heart, breast or lung surgery.

Performance/Features AztecHeart Bra AztecHeart Harness Heart Hugger* Heart Pillow*
Comfortable to wear Yes Yes No NA
Discreet (worn under clothing) Yes Yes No NA
Latex Free* Yes Yes Unknown Unknown
Wearable Yes Yes Yes No
Stretchable Fabric Yes Yes No No
Washable Yes Yes Yes Yes
Provides support when asleep Yes Yes No No
Provides Continuous Pressure Yes Yes No No
Prevents Lateral Displacement Yes Yes No No
Can be used while sleeping Yes Yes No No
Can be used while doing breathing exercises with Spirometer Yes Yes No No

* Special washing care is required for the Heart Hugger and the Heart Pillow.
* Not made with natural rubber latex.

It takes six months to a year for the surgical incision at the sternum to re-mineralize and reconnect completely. Until then, this connection is a type of tissue (osteoid tissue) which can be separated without much force. That is why it is so important to wear a post-surgical garment that offers support and compression to the sternum while enabling the lungs to expand when the patient needs to breathe deeply, cough, sneeze and laugh.

buy-now-buttonAztecHeart™ Post-Surgical Cardiothoracic Bra for Women

For women, pain and discomfort may be felt from the incision site being pulled by the weight of the breasts when lying down. Women can wear the AztecHeart Surgery Support Bra—which does not have an underwire—24 hours a day for at least six weeks after surgery. Our Velcro® closures on wide, comfortable straps provide for a firm fit with compression that is easily adjustable. This can enhance healing, help control edema and help smooth healing skin.

buy-now-buttonAztecHeart™ Post-Surgical Cardiothoracic Harness for Men

Our Cardiothoracic Harness provides uniform compression, support and comfort for all chest sizes to relieve chest and rib pain after surgery. It is a discreet band you fasten with Velcro® around your upper chest. It can be worn under clothing during the day and at night during sleep.

 “The thing that always bothered me about my heart pillow was that it was never where I needed it when I needed it! It was either on the floor, across the room or in the car. That is why I invented the Cardiothoracic Harness and Bra—to help patients recover comfortably with ease.” —Jon Hoffman, Founder, AztecHeart™