The #1 Chest and Breast Support Garments for Heart Surgery and Breast Surgery Patients

Patient Feedback

I am sold on your harness product. It did a great job for me personally. With my surgeons permission, I put it on when I was released from ICU and wore it all the time. It was easy to adjust when I wanted to be active. I wore it after release and still have it. I have been skiing and recently walked the entire concourse of the New Orleans airport without any difficulty. Something I could not do before! Thank you, Dr. Allen, Aztec and Mercy General Hospital, Sacramento.”
– Don Bowlby, Chico, California

“After my open heart surgery, I wore the Aztec pulmonary chest harness. It gave me the physical support I needed and saved me from the panic of not having a pillow on hand when I had to suddenly cough or sneeze. It was easy to adjust and gave me confidence to leave the house shortly after the surgery. I liked these features: Easy to adjust; performed as described; gave sufficient support; band width was comfortable; inconspicuous if worn under shirt or top. I put it on, then used the breathing device to see if I could not get it up to the same level that I did without the brace. This told me if it was put on too tight. If you want any more information, feel free to contact me again. Thanks again for making my recovery easier.”
– Ed Lewis, Dayton, Ohio

“My wife and family are amazed that I encountered little or no pain subsequent to the surgery and I have no doubt that the CTH harness is responsible. In addition the CTH harness allowed me to increase my range of motion daily after returning home. I am firmly convinced it contributed to a faster, more comfortable recovery. I recommend the harness whenever the opportunity occurs.”
– John Field, Eureka, California

“I had surgery at VA hospital in San Francisco where my surgery required cutting 85% of my chest bone. Using the CTH harness helped relieve most of my pain. I wore the harness 24 hours a day for several weeks. I found it to be very comfortable and helped with my mobility. Personally, I recommend the harness to anyone having surgery it did a great job for me.”
– Jan Lockwood, Santa Rosa, California

“Having undergone open heart surgery, I had the opportunity to use your Aztec Chest Harness (CTH) in place of the ‘Hugging Pillow’ to hold the chest when you cough. Which you are encouraged to do. Because the harness is made with spandex and has Velcro® fasteners, it allows you to adjust it to fit comfortably yet hold the chest firmly which aids coughing. Anyone undergoing this procedures, in my opinion, benefit from using the CTH harness.”
– Dick Hebert, Chico, California