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About AztecHeart™

Designed by a Heart Surgery Patient

Proper technique for coughing, sneezing or laughing wearing the AztecHeart™ Cardiothoracic Harness

This is the proper technique for squeezing the harness straps when coughing, sneezing or laughing in order to protect the surgical incision while enabling lung expansion.

AztecHeart™ LLC was founded by Jon Hoffman in 1999 after he underwent cardiovascular bypass surgery.

Like so many patients, Jon was given a heart pillow to stabilize his sternotomy incision while he was recovering in the hospital. Jon was not happy with how the pillow worked because of the very limited support it provided when he coughed or sneezed. Then, when he tried to use the pillow as he moved around, getting in and out of bed and standing and sitting, it hardly helped at all. Jon felt that he needed a device that gave firm but comfortable support all around his chest and that could be worn all day and night. This would help not only with coughing and sneezing, but also with moving around.

After reviewing other products on the market, he realized there was not one single product that provided all the qualities he was looking for… so he invented one for men and one for women!

ONE Product Does It All

Patients need only wear the AztecHeart™ harness or the bra for total support. No additional devices, handles or pillows are necessary.
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Recommended by Doctors

Many doctors require their patients to wear the AztecHeart™ bra or the harness throughout their recovery because they each give the best support and pain relief of any single product on the market. Read what doctors are saying…

“Caring for Your Aftercare”

Our Cardiothoracic Harness and Cardiothoracic Bra promote healing and a faster recovery following many types of surgery, including heart, lung and breast surgeries. They offer ultra-supportive sternum pain relief from chronic chest and rib cage pain as well as the breathing pain after heart surgery. In fact, many surgeons recommend that large-breasted women wear the cardiothoracic bra from the operating room through full recovery following heart surgery.

Patients appreciate that they can wear the harness or bra under their clothes, keeping them from “looking like a patient.”  They replace pillows and other outdated harness models with handles. Best of all, they are practical and easy to use so patients can feel and look better sooner.

Healing and Faster Recovery

Jon Hoffman of AztecHeart™ on his 15th anniversary of bypass

Jon Hoffman, AztecHeart™ inventor, on the 15th anniversary of his bypass surgery. He’s on the last cut of a cord of wood!

Patients wearing the harness or the bra experience relief from chronic chest pain and rib cage pain as well as the breathing difficulty and pain often associated with heart surgery.

The harness and bra are both effective for other types of surgery—like breast and lung—where post-operative chest and breast support is necessary. An important design feature on both the harness and bra allows for drainage tubes.

For Men and Women of All Shapes and Sizes

The harness and the bra are adjustable to fit almost all patients from the very small to the very large. A patient’s chest and breast size will determine which model will fit best and give the most comfort and support. Many surgeons recommend that larger breasted women and men wear the cardiothoracic bra from the time they leave the operating room until they are fully recovered. The bra’s breast support helps to eliminate the “pulling apart” effect on the wound, leading to significant pain relief. Not sure which product or what size to buy?
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Patients Look and Feel Better Faster

When patients are recovering from surgery, there comes a time when they want to get back in the game of life and look their best—the last thing they want is to look like is a patient. We designed both the cardiothoracic harness and the bra to be worn under clothes. While some men choose to wear the harness outside of their clothes around the house, most wear it underneath when going out in public.

Wholesale Information for Hospitals and Institutions

We supply hospitals and institutions in the US and around the world. We have volume pricing for institutions that want to keep a supply of AztecHeart™ LLC Cardiothoracic Harnesses and Bras on hand for heart, breast and lung surgery patients. Fill out the wholesale form here and we will be happy to get back to you with our pricing and terms.

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